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Dando clases International Conference on Dermatopathology DERMPATH 2017

Thanks to my good friend Dr Jayakar Thomas, I was invited to participate at the International Conference on Dermatopathology DERMPATH 2017. This meeting was organized by Sree Balaji Medical College and Bharath University of Chennai, India. So..I found myself in Southern India from 26th to 27th. The meeting was wonderful: very nicely organized, nice speakers. [...]

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RADLA 2017, Bogotá, Colombia

Tuve el honor de ser invitada como Ponente internacional en la nueva edición RADLA que se llevó a cabo en la ciudad de Bogotá el pasado 26-29 de Mayo. Durante esta Reunión tuve la oportunidad de presentar en Plenaria el “Ultrasonido de alta frecuencia (HFUS) en el manejo del cáncer de piel no melanoma (NMSC)". Al [...]

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Speaker at the 2nd TPM Distributor Meeting in Bavaria

Meeting This winter Dra. Paola Pasquali was invited to act as speaker in high frequency ultrasound dermatology applications for a selected team of international distributors of TPM, the German manufacturer of HFUS equipment. The presentation by Dr. Pasquali was attended by representatives from 11 different countries from America, Europe or Asia. There is increasing interest [...]

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